Akers Biosciences Launching BreathScan OxiChek and KetoChek Tests

Akers Biosciences, Inc. a medical device company focused on reducing the cost of healthcare through faster, easier diagnostics, has announced that all development specifications have been finalized and production has commenced for its two transformational breath tests designed for the health and wellness industry and consumers.

Akers Bio says that it is launching the BreathScan OxiChek and BreathScan KetoChek tests this week at the Supply Side West conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference focuses on dietary supplements and sports nutrition, two key markets for these new products.

OxiChek is the first disposable breath test to rapidly determine levels of oxidative stress (free radicals) in the body. OxiChek measures the most abundant free radicals including superoxides, hydrogen peroxide and aldehydes – unlike some pre-existing devices which measure only one. Frequent use of OxiChek may help consumers and professional clients manage and adhere to their regimen of nutritional supplementation for management of oxidative stress, which is implicated in many diseases, including cardiac, cancer and arthritic diseases, said the company.

Furthemore, KetoChek, and the Company’s non-quantitative version, Metron, are the only disposable breath-based diagnostic devices that rapidly determine if the subject is in the optimal fat-burning state for weight loss, known as ketosis. Achieving a state of ketosis – as indicated by the measure of breath ketones – is a goal of many individuals following low carbohydrate diets. KetoChek is a simple, non-invasive test to identify, track and quantitatively monitor breath ketones for individuals interested in maximizing weight loss.

OxiChek and KetoChek work with the new bluetooth-enabled reading device, BreathScan Lync and associated BreathScan mobile app, to enable consumers and professional users to monitor trends in critical metabolic processes via their mobile device. Clinicians, suppliers of nutritional supplements and diet plans, as well as health coaches in fitness centers, can now monitor and adjust the progress of their clients more effectively by utilizing the Company’s products.

“The response to the Akers Wellness products has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Raymond F. Akers, Jr. PhD, Co-founder and Executive Chairman. “We launched our first product, Metron, into this market last month, including through the Amazon marketplace. Now, the Company is expanding its market reach through our efforts at Supply Side West, targeting multi-level marketing companies in the nutraceutical business, fitness and weight loss centers, chiropractors, and anti-aging medicine physicians. The Company is aggressively seeking distribution into these market segments,” continued Dr. Akers.

“We believe that consumers are increasingly looking for personalized health, and that the BreathScan platform will provide the footprint for the Company to enter into the new era of digital medicine. Our new health and wellness products are poised to make an impact now as we commence production and will begin shipping this quarter. Health and wellness is a very large market segment globally and our aim is to become a significant player in this space. Whether in health and wellness or in medical diagnostics, our faster, easier diagnostic tests provide information that makes lives better,” added Dr. Akers.

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