Savy Akers’ production facility in China fully operational

Savy Akers’ 10,000 square foot production facility in Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, Hainan province, is now fully operational.

According to a Tuesday press release by Akers Biosciences which has a 19.9% of Savy Akers – a Chinese joint venture company, this facility is an addition to Savy Akers’ 2,500 square foot headquarters and research and development facility in the same industrial zone. The production facility is fully staffed and regulatory approval for the manufacturing of products is expected imminently.

Savy Akers, which was established in October 2014 to commercialize a number of Akers Bio’s rapid diagnostic screening and testing products in China, has begun multi-channel marketing of several of Akers Bio’s products, with a special emphasis on rapid breath tests in the prolific areas of diabetes, weight loss and fitness.

“In only a year since formation of the Joint Venture, we have established a substantial, fully operational production facility in China,” said Raymond F. Akers, Jr. PhD, Co-founder and Executive Chairman.

“China represents a huge potential market for several of the Company’s rapid diagnostic tests – and none more so than for our tests in the areas of diabetes and weight loss.

“The scale of the obesity and diabetes problems in China requires simple, fast and affordable solutions that enable consumers and medical practitioners to monitor aspects of health in a more efficient way. We are extremely excited to have a world-class commercial entity on the ground in China addressing these – and other – serious health concerns,” added Dr. Akers.

Akers added that their brands now being marketed in China include a medical test for diabetic ketoacidosis called BreathScan DKA, the Metron Breath Ketone Test, for an optimal metabolic state for weight loss, and a fitness test – Ke Tong.

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