Advanced Oncotherapy promotes Nicolas Serandour as new CEO

Advanced Oncotherapy, the developer of proton therapy systems for cancer treatment, has named Nicolas Serandour, its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to replace the current CEO Michael Sinclair, who will retain his role as Executive Chairman.


Nicolas Serandour

 The executive change is to be effective immediately, the company said on Thursday.

Commenting, Dr. Michael Sinclair, Executive Chairman of Advanced Oncotherapy, said that at this critical stage in the company’s development it is appropriate that the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive are separated. He expressed his belief that Serandour, who joined as Chief Financial Officer in September 2014 and who took on the additional role of Chief Operating Officer in February this year, is the going to do a good job in leading the company.

Sinclair has pointed out that Serandour has had over two years of experience within the business and a solid understanding of the operational challenges involved with the development of Advanced Oncotherapy’s first LIGHT machine the company’s undertaking at Harley Street.

“Nicolas will be the first to admit that the strength of the Company lies in the strong support of our Senior Leadership Team and I am sure that they will work very effectively to drive the business forward,” Sinclar said.

On becoming Chief Executive Officer, Nicolas Serandour, expressed his content with the progress the company has made with developing LIGHT system. He also said he’d take over on Harley Street works, as well as the ongoing industrialisation partnership with Thales.“We are now at a stage where we need to set out our plans for advancement beyond the technological readiness of our first LIGHT system,” he said.

“The construction tendering process for the mechanical & engineering installation, landlord’s fit out and commissioning for Harley Street is underway. This process will be iterative and should overlay with the finalisation of the parameters and scope of the facilities initial launch set up.

“Therefore it is my intention to spend the first 100 days in my role as CEO assessing and implementing new initiatives, such as the partnership with Thales, to allow us to sharpen our execution and commercial focus with the support of our partners,” said the new CEO

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