ValiRx’s new cancer drug progresses into the clinic


Dr Suzanne Dilly, Chief Scientific Officer of ValiSeek Limited

ValiRx Plc, a life science company, focused on clinical stage cancer therapeutic development, has provided an update on the clinical development of its novel cancer treatment drug, VAL401.

ValiSeek, the joint venture between ValiRx and Tangent Reprofiling Limited, was formed to progress VAL401 into clinical trials for the treatment of lung cancer and other oncology indications.

CEO of ValiSeek Dr Suzanne Dilly, COOValiXR Dr George Morris and Dr Victoria D’Aquino Drug Research and Development Officer of ValiRX, have held meeting with the Tbilisi-based team at Clinical Accelerator joining the Investigators and clinical support staff at the Medulla Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy Clinic.

Dr Suzanne Dilly commented: “Our trip to Tbilisi has been very useful in increasing our understanding of the position of VAL401 in the treatment environment.  To see the enthusiasm of the Clinical team and in particular to learn about the equal enthusiasm of the patients, provided a welcome reassurance that both the trial and the treatment have been designed appropriately and with the correct ethical influence in mind and that our goal to improve patients’ quality of life is achievable.”

Dr George Morris added: “I am delighted to see VAL401 progressing into the clinic so satisfactorily and it was very useful to join Suzy on the trip to Tbilisi.  This excellent news continues our joint momentum towards new clinical developmental milestones and I look forward to VAL401’s continuing and exciting progress.”

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