Midatech chooses its candidate for IND-enabling programme in 2017

midatech-pharmaMidatech Pharma, the international specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercialising products in oncology, has selected its wholly-owned candidate compound to take into a formal IND-enabling programme during 2017.

Midatech announced on Tuesday that, following intensive research over the past two years with its gold nanoparticle technology, their selected candidate compound is MTR104. The IND-enabling programme during 2017, will be followed by human studies planned for 2018.

The programme is focused on advanced liver cancer where current chemotherapeutic treatment options are limited and the typical survival period is six months. Midatech says it is pursuing improved forms of cancer therapy based on combining marketed chemotherapeutic medicines with tumour-targeting molecules or peptides on the same nanoparticle-based conjugate.  According to the company, the aim is to allow highly toxic drugs to be specifically targeted to and delivered at the tumour cells while sparing normal tissue, thereby reducing side effects and enhancing efficacy.

Commenting on this candidate selection, Jim Phillips, CEO of Midatech Pharma, said: “In-line with the internal development strategy as announced in conjunction with the Company’s recent fundraise, candidate selection of MTR104 follows a comprehensive research and development programme that included very encouraging targeting and tumour reduction data in the preclinical setting, and we are looking forward to progressing MTR104 through development into the clinic as we hope to make a difference for patients suffering from this severe disease.”

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