Stallergenes hosts “Meet the Managers”

Stallergenes Greer, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in treatments for respiratory allergies, today (Wednesday) hosts a “Meet the Managers” event at its Antony facility for the investment community.

The meeting focuses on Project RESTART in Europe and International and a review of the Americas region. In addition, an update on R&D strategy and clinical development pipeline is given. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about Stallergenes’s Technical Operations strategy and tour its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Antony, France.

Fereydoun Firouz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Stallergenes Greer, said:

Project RESTART is delivering on its promise to regain the trust of all stakeholders with an increasing number of physicians prescribing our products. We made a strategic investment to expand the ORALAIR sublingual tablet market based on an improved understanding of the US patient journey and physician segmentation. Our R&D efforts are focused on key programs designed to deliver innovation and continue our commitment to personalized medicine.
Having completed numerous regulatory inspections, our manufacturing sites are in a position to ensure reliable supply within shorter lead times. Stallergenes Greer is now positioned to regain its global leadership in allergy immunotherapy, offering a comprehensive portfolio of allergen products covering all routes of administration.”

Growth opportunities around the world

In Europe and International region, teams are delivering against Project RESTART, pursuing the relaunch sequence of product offering across geographies. Since undertaking the RESTART effort, the company has optimized its product offering according to patient need and worked to ensure improved, reliable product delivery to patients while achieving high-grade product quality. The project has also shown pick-up of new patients, return of existing patients and re-capture of prescribers. In France, 72% of physicians restarted prescribing Stallergenes Greer products by the end of September 2016.

In the US, the subcutaneous immunotherapy sales continue to be robust and good progress has been made with ORALAIR, Stallergenes Greer’s sublingual allergy immunotherapy tablet for the treatment of grass pollen-induced allergic rhinitis. A significant gain in competitive share has been made year-over-year (ORALAIR captured 30% NRx share in the US this year, up from 7% in 2014), the company says.


A refined R&D pipeline designed to increase long-term value

Stallergenes Greer added it works on allergen characterization and presentation, biomarkers and new clinical indications. These new areas of focus capitalize on the company’s existing core competencies while extending therapeutic area reach through international collaborations, the company says.

Stallergenes Greer is also reassessing its approach to allergic asthma in order to determine the optimal clinical development path.

2016 Business Outlook and Guidance

Stallergenes says that with it ongoing strong performance in the US and a sales recovery in Europe and International region, the company maintains the financial objectives communicated during the H1 2016 revenues. FY 2016 Group revenue objective of about €180-200 million.

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