Neovacs, 3P Biopharmaceuticals in IFNalpha production deal


Image: 3P Biopharmaceuticals

French vaccine-focused biotechnology company Neovacs and Spanish producer of biological drugs 3P Biopharmaceuticals have entered into a partnership for the manufacture of interferon alpha, IFNalpha.

Wednesday’s collaboration follows the recent acquisition of the technology for the manufacture of IFNalpha by Neovacs from Amegabiotech.

According to the agreement, Neovacs will directly transfer Amegabiotech`s technology to the production site of 3P Biopharmaceuticals, for the manufacture of the IFNalpha cytokine.

As the only Spanish manufacturer of biological products in the healthcare field, 3P Biopharmaceuticals has a successful track record working with top pharma and biotech companies throughout Europe and the United States, Neovacs said of 3P Bio.

Miguel Sieler, CEO of Neovacs, said, “This partnership is in line with the recent license agreement signed with Amegabiotech. The completion of these two steps allows us to secure the complete production chain for the manufacture of IFNalpha, one of the primary raw materials of our most advanced product, IFNalpha Kinoid. In addition, the agreement complements the partnership signed earlier this year with Stellar Biotechnologies, the supplier of the other main component of our vaccine IFNalpha Kinoid, Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH). Within the framework of this partnership, Stellar Biotechnologies holds 30% of Neostell, the production subsidiary of Neovacs.”

Elena Erroba, Business Development Director of 3P Biopharmaceuticals, said: “3P Biopharmaceuticals is very happy with this collaboration. It will allow 3P Biopharmaceuticals to contribute to a very innovative therapeutic approach, with our strong competence in the field of manufacturing high quality protein.”

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