TxCell restructures organization, COO leaves

tx-cellTxCell SA, a biotechnology company focused on creating solutions to treat severe chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, has restructured its organization to go along with its new strategies.

Accordingly, TxCell has appointed François Meyer, PhD, Executive Chairman of TxCell, to head its new research group. Dr. Meyer contributes 35 years of experience to TxCell as head of research of Rhone Poulenc Rorer and Aventis Pharma (Sanofi).

The research group encompasses three units: Cell Engineering, Pharmacology and Process Development.

The group currently comprises 31 employees, including 10 PhD and 9 engineers. The three units have been expanded and designed to target achievements in the following areas:

Cell Engineering

In addition to the recent appointment of Li Zhou, PhD, as Vice President, Cell Engineering as head of this unit, TxCell has also recently recruited additional international scientists. These new key skills have been acquired for the engineering and optimization of CAR constructs, design and implementation of suitable analytical assays, as well as vector engineering and optimization.


This unit has been designed to focus on Treg cell biology and specifically on the mechanism of action of cell therapy products. It will also concentrate on pharmacology from proof-of-concept in animal models to non-clinical packages to prepare for the first-in-man clinical studies.

Process Development

This unit is now focused on two priorities, the finalization of the improved ASTrIA process and the development of a new manufacturing process for the CAR-Treg ENTrIA platform, ready for entering clinical development by 2018.

Arnaud Foussat, PhD, formerly CSO, is now Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Head of External Collaborations & Alliance Management. In addition to overseeing new innovations, intellectual property and government fundings, he will also be responsible for managing existing and future academic and pharma collaborations.

COO leaves

Dr. Miguel Forte, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, will be leaving the company.

“TxCell has now completed its strategic and organizational transformation. I would like to thank all stakeholders, notably Miguel Forte, for their contribution to this rapid, profound turnaround,” said Stéphane Boissel, CEO of TxCell. “We can now look to the future with great expectations and with one major objective in mind: for TxCell to be the first organization ever to put a CAR-Treg product in clinical development, with the aim of achieving this by 2018.”

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